East Barren Volunteer Fire Department
"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"
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Picture by Greg Stapleton


("Aim High")

2002 American LaFrance
w/ 50ft TeleSqurt Ladder
500 Gallon Tank
1500 GPM Pump
4- 200 ft 1 3/4 Hand Lines
1-200 ft 3" line 
PP Exhaust Fan 
2 Rechargeable Lite Boxes
Amkus Jaws of Life
Duel Power Unit
  1 M30B Speader
  1 AMK 25Cutter
  1 AMK 20R Ram
  1 AMK 30 Ram
K12 Rescue Saw 
Turtle Tile Cribbing 

1 Chain Saws
5 ISI Air Packs

Scott RIT Pack
6 Spare Air Bottles
24ft Ground Ladder
12 ft Roof Ladder
10ft Attic Ladder
2- Pike Poles

Medical Bag
Back Board
O2 Bottle
Engine 76 
("Ain't Skeered")
1997 E-ONE
1000 Gallon Tank
1250 Top Mount Pump
1200 ft 3" LDH
2- 200 ft 1 3/4 Hand Lines
5000 watt Generator 
 ISG Thermal Imaging Camera
PP Exhaust Fan
24ft Ladder
12ft Roof Ladder
Attic Ladder
2 Pike Poles
K-12 Rescue Saw
Chain Saw
2 Rechargeable Liteboxes
Deck Gun
4 ISI Air Packs
6- Spare Air Bottles
25 gallons foam
Basic Medical Bag
Oxygen Bottle
AED- Life Pack 500 

Rescue 71
2022 Ford 
Stokes Basket
10 Gallon Foam
3- Air Bag Set
Air Chisel Set
 Electric Amkus 
Rescue Tools
1- IS320 32" ION       Spreader   
1- IC750 7" ION 
1- ITR500 50" IOC Ram
1- ICT716 16" ION Combi Tool
1-Set STX-4PTX
   Res-Q-Jack Struts
TurtleTile Cribbing
CO2 Monitor
2 Chain Saws
1 Leaf Blowers
Pulse Oxy Meter
Back boards
Turbo light set
AED Life pack 500
2-ISI Air Packs

Tanker 78 
2001 GMC C7500  
450 gpm PTO Pump
1500 Gallon Tank
1500 Gal. Dump Tank
10" Rear Dump Valve
Exhaust Fan

Amkus Jaws of Life

Single Power Unit 

 Model: GH2A-1B

 1-Genesis  Speaders/ Cutter 
   1- AMK 30  Ram
1-ISI Rit Pack
4-ISI Air Packs
4- Spare Air Bottles
24Ft Ground Ladder
12 Ft Roof Ladder
Deck Gun
10 Gallons Foam
"Chimp" Penetrating Nozzle
1-Chain AW

Engine 79 
2001 GMC C8500

1250 Top Mount Pump
1000 Gallon Tank
1200 ft  3" LDH Hose
2-200ft 1 3/4 Hand Lines
55 Kw Generator
PP Exhaust Fan
24ft  Ground Ladder
12ft  Roof Ladder
10ft Attic Ladder
Deck Gun
4- ISI Air Packs
4- Spare Bottle
Amkus Jaws of Life
     Power Unit
     1- M28 Speaders
     1- Amk 25 Cutter
     1- AMK 30R Ram
Chain Saw
2- Rechargeable Lite Boxes
ISI Thermal Imaging Camera
AED- Life Pack 500 

Brush Truck 75
2002 Dodge 
500 GPM Pump
200 ft of 1" Booster Line
Leaf Blower
Chain Saw
Amkus Jaws of Life
  Dual Power Supply
  1 AMK 28 Speaders
  1 M25B Cutters
  1 AMK 22 Cutter
  1 AMK 40R
      Push / Pull Ram
   1-AMK 20R
      Push/ Pull Ram
Turtle Cribing
 Basic Medical Bag
It is also to haul the rescue  boat, and light unit 

Medic 70 
Chevorlet Surburan
Basic Medical Bag
AED-Life Pack 500 (Donated By Jewish Hospital)
1- Back Boards
1 Set of Turbo Flares
Pulse Oxy meter
Ass't Splints
2-Emergency Scene Ahead Signs
1- ICT716 16" ION Combi Tool
CO2 Monitor



Wagon 14
2011 Radio Flyer
Bought, made up by East Barren Firefighters for T.J.Samson Community Hospital, peds unit.
East Barren
Tornado Shelter 
Jaws of Life:
Three Speaders
Six Rams
Three Cutters
Five Power Units
1 Combo Speader/Cutter
One Speader
One Cutter
One Ram
One Combi-Tool